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Written for the drabble theme "Kittens".

Title: Catnap
Series: Free!
Length: 100 words
Genre: Humor, Family
Characters: Rin, Gou
Summary: Rin had always been a dog person.

He came home to find a new addition to the family.

“Isn’t she so cute?” Gou said, nuzzling the little brown kitten. “I named her Koko.”

He shrugged with disinterest and carried his duffle to his room. Meh, cats. He’d always been a dog person.

Later, when Gou brought Hana-chan over to show off her new pet, Koko was nowhere to be found. She wasn’t in her basket or under Gou’s bed.

Gou knocked on her brother’s closed door. “Onii-chan?” There was no answer, so she took a peek inside.

He’d fallen asleep with Koko curled up on his chest.