L-chan (mellowcandle) wrote in lchanfics,

Flesh and Fantasy

Written for the drabble theme "Dreams".

Title: Flesh and Fantasy
Series: Tales of the Abyss
Length: 450 words
Genre: Lite Porn
Pairing: Guy/Natalia
Summary: Everything reminded her of him.

Everything reminded her of him.

A sword. A pair of laughing blue eyes. A broken-down fon machine.

Even when she was fletching her arrows, she found herself thinking of him, her mind engaging in all sorts of inappropriate fantasies. Running her fingers along the shaft, tracing the outline of the pointed head, she giggled to herself, remembering the bawdy jokes they’d made about arrows and quivers.

Too many weeks had gone by since they’d last been together, holed up for two days in a little inn halfway between here and there, their hands greedy and mouths starving for what they’d been denied. She’d refused to leave until she knew what every bit of him tasted like, until his tang was always on the tip of her tongue.

Between here and there, between then and now, she’d had difficulty concentrating, seeing him everywhere, willing memory into flesh and fantasy into reality.

Distractions continued to plague her in the audience chamber, where she imagined him kneeling before her and pledging eternal loyalty, offering his services, defiling her person and her throne in the most delicious ways. She saw her legs hooked over his shoulders, wanted the top of his blond head nudging the hem of her gown, felt the abrading scruff of his jaw against her inner thigh.

Down in the dungeon, sometimes a trip made for this sole purpose, she would picture him locked in a cell and gripping the bars, or maybe with his wrists chained to the cinderblock, begging her for mercy as she warmed him in her hands, groaning her name as she took the very tip of him between her lips, her tongue circling and stroking and--

What had happened to her? Surely a proper lady mustn’t be having such thoughts or desires, and surely not during the light of day, in the midst of her duties, no matter how much she missed him.

Now so accustomed and resigned to whimsy and fantasy, her eyes couldn’t believe it when he was standing before her, real and solid, his voice clear and sweet to her ears, no longer intangible memories. Everything in her wanted to run to him, prove to herself that he was here at last, to feel him holding her and kissing her, swearing never to leave her side again.

Perhaps there was something to that chaining idea after all. Or, better still, she could use her favorite silk scarves.

He noticed her quite obvious grin and returned it with one of his own, though with some confusion in his blue eyes. “Is something funny, Your Highness?”

Her excitement couldn’t be contained much longer, sizzling just beneath her regal poise. “I’ll show you later,” she promised.

Tags: tales of the abyss, toa: guy/natalia, toa: natalia
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